Dr. Todd Roberts

Chancellor, North Carolina School of Science and Math

Dr. Todd Roberts was appointed Chancellor at the North Carolina School  of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) in August, 2010. In 1980 when NCSSM opened it was the first school of its kind in the U.S., a public residential high school where  students study a specialized curriculum emphasizing science and mathematics. Annually NCSSM serves  680 11th and 12th grade students from across North Carolina in its residential program and an additional  800 students from across the state through its distance education program. NCSSM also provides science and math enrichment opportunities for K-12 students across the state each year, along with  providing course content and professional development for teachers throughout North Carolina. 

Under Dr. Robert’s leadership, NCSSM engaged stakeholders on campus and across the state and nation  in a collaborative planning process to develop a five-year Strategic Plan for the school. The Strategic  Plan expands NCSSM’s mission to provide academically talented students across North Carolina  innovative educational opportunities in science, mathematics, engineering, technology and research  that prepare them to become leaders and innovators in STEM fields. The Strategic Plan also expands the  school’s commitment to improve educational opportunities for students and educators from across  North Carolina through distance education and extended programs. Dr. Roberts is currently leading  NCSSM in planning and constructing a second campus in Morganton, NC that will open in August, 2022.  

Prior to being named Chancellor at NCSSM, Dr. Roberts served as superintendent of the Ann Arbor  Public Schools in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A Durham native, Dr. Roberts began his career in the Durham  Public Schools as a high school teacher and elementary school principal. 

Dr. Roberts holds a BA from Duke University and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University  of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Dr. Roberts is married to Greenville, N.C. native Dr. Arleen Song and they have four children.