Mitchell Whitley

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Mitchell Whitley serves as the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, managing the office and providing support for senior leadership.

In his last position, Mitchell Whitley worked in the North Carolina General Assembly managing offices for seven state Senators, where he aided in constituent casework and organization of statewide investments. Throughout college, he held over ten different internships within leadership capacities including national/statewide campaigns, congressional member, and Senatorial offices in DC and NC. Additionally, Mitchell served the United States Secretary of Labor, and met with Fortune 500 Company Executives daily, resulting in a promised 2.5 million new jobs for the US economy over the following 5 years.

Mitchell has a passion for policy and people, as seen through the “Mitchell’s Mayors” project which he personally began in 2021. Mitchell has been on the road, meeting and interviewing mayors across the state. He plans to meet with all 552 North Carolina Mayors to discover what it means to be a North Carolinian, in addition to identifying workforce development projects in every community firsthand.

As a proud first generation college student on his father’s side, Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Samford University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2021. He is originally from Greensboro and has a family history of deep involvement throughout the state of NC and the US. His maternal great grandfathers aided in the growth of state and nationwide infrastructure: one establishing better NC power systems resulting in new electrical capabilities for thousands more citizens, and the other developing golf courses, airports, and highway systems across the eastern seaboard post WWII.