Gary J. Salamido

President and CEO, NC Chamber

With decades of experience and a proven track record representing North Carolina business interests at the N.C. General Assembly, Gary led the NC Chamber’s lobbying, advocacy and political efforts before being named its chief operating officer and acting president in 2018, then president and CEO in 2019. Gary’s leadership in advancing policy at the NC Chamber has helped propel the state to the top of a number of best-in-business rankings.

Prior to joining the NC Chamber in September 2011, Gary worked 19 years at GlaxoSmithKline, the last 10 years serving as GSK’s director of state government affairs. Gary’s advocacy responsibilities spanned a broad range of issues including corporate tax, environmental impact, tort and liability reform, economic development, workforce development, employment and Medicaid.

Gary’s previous work experience includes serving as senior account manager, integrated healthcare markets for GSK and as director of professional and state government affairs for GlaxoWellcome. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from the Albany College of Pharmacy in Albany, N.Y. and a master’s degree in pharmacy administration from the University of Texas at Austin. Gary has experience in hospital and community pharmacy practice and completed the American Pharmacists Association Foundation’s Executive Residency in Association Management, which trains individuals for leadership positions within the profession and in national, regional, state, and local professional organizations.

Gary resides in Raleigh, N.C. with his wife of 28 years, Lisa. They are the proud parents of a daughter and son-in-law, both NC State alumni, a son who is an Appalachian State University alumnus, a daughter who is a freshman at NC State University, and a two-year-old dachshund named Hugo.