Cory Biggs

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Cory is an experienced education nonprofit leader, an attorney, and a public policy advocacy specialist who has spent the better part of two decades advancing the interests of students and their families as well as the educators who serve them. He has a proven record of working closely with policymakers to develop student-focused education policies as well as engaging and giving voice to the people whose lives are affected by those policies.

Cory specializes in analyzing and assessing issues, crafting innovative policy improvements, and implementing change at both the state and local levels. His approach centers on effective collaboration built through trust and recognition that lasting success comes through partnership.

Prior to moving to North Carolina, Cory held various leadership roles in the nonprofit and public sectors in Arkansas, where he was born and raised. He has been recognized for his contributions throughout his career and has given back to his community through service on more than a dozen boards and commissions.

Cory is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and holds a law degree from the Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as well as a Master’s in Public Service from the University of Arkansas’s William J. Clinton School of Public Service. Cory and his wife, Carrie, reside in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with their young son.