Bryant Buck

Executive Director, Mid-East Commission Council of Governments

Bryant Buck is the Executive Director of the Mid-East Commission Council of Governments (COG) located in Washington, North Carolina. With a distinguished career in public service, Bryant has been dedicated to enhancing regional cooperation and community development across the Mid-East region.

In his role as Executive Director, Bryant oversees a wide range of initiatives aimed at improving economic development, transportation planning, environmental sustainability, and social services. He works closely with local governments, community organizations, and business leaders to address the diverse needs of the region, fostering collaborative efforts that drive sustainable growth and improve the quality of life for residents.

Bryant’s leadership is marked by a commitment to innovation, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. Under his guidance, the Mid-East Commission COG has successfully implemented numerous programs that support workforce development, infrastructure improvements, and environmental conservation.

Before joining the Mid-East Commission, Bryant held various leadership positions in local government and non-profit organizations, where he developed a reputation for his expertise in urban planning, economic development, and community outreach. His extensive experience and visionary approach have made him a respected leader and advocate for regional development in North Carolina.

Bryant holds a degree in Urban and Regional Planning and is actively involved in professional organizations that promote regional collaboration and sustainable development. His passion for public service and dedication to community improvement continue to drive his efforts to make the Mid-East region a thriving and resilient place to live and work.