myFutureNC, in partnership with Carolina Demography, created the North Carolina FAFSA Tracker to help schools, researchers and other education stakeholders monitor the number of seniors at North Carolina’s 600+ public high schools who have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

2021-22 FAFSA Tracker

How To Use The FAFSA Tracker

It is recommended to view the tracker in full-screen mode. Select the “Full Screen” icon at the bottom to expand the tracker window.

View FAFSA submission and completion data for your school or district
Select your specific school from the dropdown field. To see all the schools in a specific school district, select the district from the “Select School District” dropdown field. The data table will change with the requested information.

Compare FAFSA data with similar schools or districts
Select options under the school type, geographical density, or county dropdown fields to compare FAFSA data with similar schools or districts.

Customize your school’s graduation class size
To calculate the estimated FAFSA completion rate by school, users can enter the total number of graduating seniors using the calculator.

Note: Automated FAFSA completion rates will be in the FAFSA Tracker for traditional and charter schools in January 2022 when data from the NC Department of Public Instruction provides the Principal Monthly Report (PMR) Enrollment for Month 2.

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