Statesville High School

Innovative Practices 2021 Grant Winner

Statesville High School (Iredell-Statesville Schools) innovated the one size fits all strategy and provided multiple, differentiated ways to reach students and families to complete the FAFSA.

As of August 13, 2021

Statesville High School’s

strategies and efforts earned the school a FAFSA completion rate of


11.3% increase

compared to 2019

Key Strategies

Hosted 8+ FAFSA Events

  • Events took place during College Application Week and in February
  • Event sites were selected based on previous attendance and spread across the community.
  • Spanish Translation was available at each event.

Digital Outreach

  • FAFSA instructions and event reminders were shared via email and included in newsletters.
  • Social media was used to engage students and families.
  • AdmitHub chatbox available 24/7 for students to message with financial aid related questions.

Virtual and In-person

  • Appointments were scheduled for virtual-only students and families to complete the FAFSA virtually with the support of the student services team.
  • Connected with students in the classroom to jump start the FAFSA and share instructions to take home to their families.

1-on-1 Family Outreach

  • Outreach included phone calls, text messages, emails, personal contacts, and home visits.