Bite-Sized Webinar Series

The myFutureNC team and partners provided a series of quick 20-minute webinars to dig a little deeper into our newly released 2024 County Attainment Profiles and share best practices taking place right now throughout North Carolina to help local and regional leaders increase educational attainment. Below are the recordings and slide presentations.

If there are any topics of interest to you for future webinars, please let us know by emailing

MAY 28, 2024

Industry-Valued Credentials are Valuable! 💰

May 28 • 12:00-12:20

Learn more about how to earn credentials for high-demand industries through in-person and online training programs available through our state’s career & technical education programs in high school and our 58 community colleges.

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MAY 21, 2024

Students can get a head start on their careers through the CTE program.

May 21 • 12:00-12:20

Learn more about how middle and high school students can access Career & Technical Education (CTE) credentials while in school to earn certifications before they graduate. In a rapidly evolving job market, equipping students with relevant workforce credentials is paramount, and educators and families play a pivotal role in this critical endeavor.

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MAY 14, 2024

NC Has One of The Nation’s BEST Career and College Promise Program

May 14 • 12:00-12:20

High school students in North Carolina can earn tuition-free college course credits. With these credits, students can earn an associate’s degree, transfer to a four-year institution, or achieve a combination of these before completing high school.

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MAY 7, 2024

Where are they? How do we reach them? North Carolina’s Opportunity Youth

May 7 • 12:00-12:20

Did you know 10.9% of North Carolinians aged 16 to 24 are considered opportunity youth – they are not in school or working? Learn how to authentically engage opportunity youth as leaders; and what programming and resources are currently available to individuals, parents/guardians, and organizations that work with opportunity youth.

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APRIL 30, 2024

Do you know your county’s Top 3 Opportunities for Growth?

April 30 • 12:00-12:20

Every county has Top 3 Opportunities for Growth. These 3 areas are the biggest opportunities for each county to improve future attainment outcomes.

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APRIL 23, 2024

The Positive Impact of NC Pre-K

April 23 • 12:00-12:20

Only 53% eligible North Carolina 4-year-olds enrolled in the public NC Pre-K program in 2023. High-quality pre-K is a foundational year that can significantly improve student readiness for kindergarten and success in school. High quality pre-K programs, particularly NC Pre-K, provide both short- and long-term benefits to students and their communities.

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APRIL 16, 2024

Let’s Make Sure the Class of 2024 Doesn’t Miss Out on Funding – FAFSA & Financial Aid Resources

April 16 • 12:00-12:20

Learn more about the untapped resources in your county and region as there are multiple organizations focused on providing financial aid to students. Research indicates that eligible students who complete the FAFSA are more likely to attend college and persist in their studies.

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APRIL 9, 2024

Ensuring Degrees & Credentials Lead to Jobs – Labor Market Alignment

April 9 • 12:00-12:20

North Carolina’s labor market alignment is currently 82%, meaning roughly eight of every ten graduates from state postsecondary institutions had skills and credentials aligned with job openings. Learn more about how to analyze labor market alignment in your region and ensure our graduates are filling job openings.

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APRIL 2, 2024

Making Jobs Matter – North Carolinians Need Family-Sustaining Wages

April 2 • 12:00-12:20

Did you know 46% of North Carolinians ages 25-44 are working, but not earning enough to get by? Learn more about how we can work together to increase the number of North Carolinians earning the economic resources they need to weather day-to-day struggles without needing external support.

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