Webinar: Supporting Students with the College-Going Process

Supporting Students in Navigating Trauma, Grief, and Stress and the Impact on the College-Going Process

We are thrilled to announce that we will be joined by two national school counseling experts and advocates on Tuesday, December 14th to discuss Supporting Students in Navigating Trauma, Grief, and Stress and the Impact on the College-Going Process.

Statewide Webinar: Supporting Students in Navigating Trauma, Grief, and Stress and the Impact on the College-Going Process

Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Time: 1pm – 2pm

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Dr. Kara Ieva and Dr. Laura Owen will lead a discussion as you continue to serve the class of 2022 in navigating the college application, RDS, and FAFSA completion processes, recognizing the impact that the pandemic has had on their lives. After a decade of efforts to close postsecondary opportunity gaps, COVID-19 has wiped out most of the gains previously noted. The disproportionate impact of the pandemic on high minority and low-income communities implores us to begin planning now for the recovery phase, one that must support educators and families navigating trauma, grief, and stress while also guiding students to viable pathways leading to high wage, high demand jobs.

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Dr. Kara Ieva

Dr. Kara Ieva (she/hers) is an Associate Professor in the Counseling in Educational Settings program at Rowan University. Her educational career spans over 20 years as a former Spanish teacher, administrator, and professional school counselor, and counselor educator. Kara uses her research for advocacy by using asset-based approaches to empower student agency while promoting equity and wellness (academic and mental health). Her specific interests include social emotional development (with students, in classrooms, embedded in content, educator SEL, and systemic tiered interventions centered on promoting healthy identities), group counseling, and post-secondary/ career development (First Gen & STEAM). She consults and delivers professional development nationally to PK-12 school counselors, teachers, and administrators on strategies for cultivating a safe, equitable, and inclusive mental health and neurodiverse culture in schools.

Dr. Laura Owen

Dr. Laura Owen is the Executive Director for the Center for Equity and Postsecondary Attainment at San Diego State University (SDSU). A prior urban school counselor and district counseling supervisor, she is a passionate advocate for closing college opportunity gaps. Her research focuses on evaluating the impact of interventions and programs designed to address the systems, structures and policies that drive equitable access to high quality postsecondary advising support. Laura has researched interventions targeting financial aid and FAFSA completion, the high school to college transition, text messaging and virtual advising, the impact of technology on college going decisions, and how students prefer to receive college and career information. In collaboration with school counselors, counselor educators, college access professionals, community based organizations, cross institutional researchers, higher education and K-12 educators, Laura is committed to the discovery of advising models that support access, retention and completion of postsecondary credentials aligned to the workforce and connected to high wage, high demand jobs.