Gratitude Series: Bank of America

In the nonprofit world, donors are what make ideas come to life, inspiring greatness one gift at a time. At myFutureNC, our donors are our lifeblood. Without their dedicated support and generosity, our efforts to create a more competitive and better-educated North Carolina workforce would not be possible.

In today’s Gratitude Series, we want to recognize the transformative philanthropy of Bank of America, which has brought us closer to achieving our mission of ensuring 2 million North Carolinians have a postsecondary degree or credential by 2030.

In 2021, Bank of America awarded myFutureNC $300,000, which we used to create data-driven initiatives in counties across North Carolina to eliminate the skills gap, reduce income inequality, and align educational and business needs. These data-driven initiatives also aid decision-making at state and local level for numerous nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses, in addition to helping measure progress toward the 2 million by 2030 goal.

Some specific data initiatives pioneered by myFutureNC are highlighted below:

Bank of America is committed to helping improve the communities they serve by supporting organizations like myFutureNC that create dynamic change.

“We need bold thinking to address economic mobility in our state, and education is critical to opening the door to a lifetime of opportunity,” said Bank of America North Carolina State President Charles Bowman. “myFutureNC is leading the way in reimagining the possibilities for our students.”

We are tremendously grateful for Bank of America’s dedicated support in helping us create a more prosperous and equitable North Carolina, unlocking upward and economic prosperity for all. Together, let’s end generational disparities and build a more equitable future.

If you’d like to connect about ways you can financially support our mission, contact David Bohm, Director of Development at

myFutureNC is able to expand our work through generous donations and in-kind support. An investment in myFutureNC is an investment in North Carolina’s future. It is an investment in its people, its communities and its economy. Support toward meeting this goal is critical and life changing. 2 Million by 2030 will benefit all North Carolinians.