Credit Suisse Announces $100,000 Grant to myFutureNC

RALEIGH, N.C. – Credit Suisse is pleased to announce that it has awarded a $100,000 grant to myFutureNC for its vital work of helping 2 million North Carolinians attain college degrees or high-quality credentials aligned to industry needs by 2030. The bank is one of the world’s leading financial services providers and has expanded its presence and employment opportunities in Raleigh-Durham, NC over the past several years.

“We are excited for this opportunity to support myFutureNC’s work to strengthen the ties between the education and employment sectors,” said Eric Eckholdt, Executive Director of the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation. “Credit Suisse believes that providing young people with the education and skills necessary for a strong career start offers the opportunity to live choice-filled, upwardly mobile lives. We appreciate myFutureNC’s work at the local level to ensure these opportunities are made accessible to all, while aligning with the needs of a modern workforce.”

This grant is part of Credit Suisse’s Future Skills program, which aims to support initiatives that help close educational and employment gaps for young people, especially disadvantaged, entering adulthood. As the only statewide organization focused on impacting the entire education-to-workforce continuum, myFutureNC is well-positioned to make meaningful differences in young peoples’ lives with Credit Suisse’s support.

The $100,000 grant will be used to support myFutureNC’s diverse initiatives focused on strengthening and uplifting communities through its local collaborative work, which plays a critical role in achieving North Carolina’s educational attainment goal by 2030. By establishing strategies and priorities at the local level, and working as partners of myFutureNC, these local collaboratives make an impact in their community while helping to reach this important statewide goal.

“Building a strong talent pipeline will require a new level of cross-sector coordination,” said Cecilia Holden, president of myFutureNC. “Among others, key strategic partners in these collaboratives must include PreK-12, universities, community colleges, workforce development boards, economic developers, chambers of commerce, county commissioners, policymakers, and civic leaders. And most critical to the overall success is ensuring decisions are being made based on data and research, and the voice of communities, businesses, industries, and employers is in the center of these important conversations.”

The myFutureNC regional impact team works to engage local communities to support opportunities for growth efforts. The organization utilizes data from resources such as myFutureNC county attainment profiles to initiate conversations around establishing local attainment collaboratives and goals. In addition, myFutureNC is cataloging current local promising practices to support dissemination, scaling, and replication of impactful strategies across the state.

The work of myFutureNC seeks to harness the talent and potential of North Carolinians to create generational prosperity, which transforms lives and communities. Credit Suisse and the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation are pleased to support this innovative and exciting effort.

Read the press release here.

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About myFutureNC

myFutureNC is a statewide nonprofit organization focused on educational attainment, which is led by some of North Carolina’s most influential education, business, and civic leaders. The organization was formed with the goal to create a stronger, more competitive North Carolina. myFutureNC is working across sectors and in communities throughout the state to close gaps in the education pathway, to promote alignment between educational programming and business/industry needs, and to ultimately improve educational opportunities for all North Carolinians. Join our efforts, stay in touch and help champion success for our state and all of its people.


myFutureNC is able to expand our work through generous donations and in-kind support. An investment in myFutureNC is an investment in North Carolina’s future. It is an investment in its people, its communities and its economy. Support toward meeting this goal is critical and life changing. 2 Million by 2030 will benefit all North Carolinians. If you’d like to connect about ways you can financially support our mission, contact David Bohm, Director of Development at