Avoid the “Summer Melt”

No, it’s not how we all feel during the NC summer!

What is it?

Researchers use the term “Summer Melt” to refer to the large number of students who don’t make it to college even though they intend to go.

A study at Harvard found that 10–40% of students who report intending to go to college don’t actually enroll in college in the Fall after their high school graduation. This is even more likely for students from low-income backgrounds.

One way we can avoid “Summer Melt” is by helping our NC graduating seniors complete the FAFSA.

What can we do?

For educators: This Summer Melt Handbook has steps, resources, and interventions school districts can use to help students. Interventions include:

For students/families: This Federal Student Aid tips for success addresses 4 TIPS for incoming Freshmen (great to share with your graduating seniors). Tips include:

Want to learn more?

National College Attainment Network (NCAN) has you covered: