Commissioner Toolkit

This page contains tools for use by myFutureNC Commissioners as we work together to build awareness and support for the attainment goal and strengthen our partnerships statewide. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Your active involvement is a critical aspect of disseminating the myFutureNC message across North Carolina and furthering our partnerships and champion network. Each of you has important connections in your communities and across the state — people who need to learn about and understand mFNC, the need for additional educational attainment, the goal, and proposed focus areas and priorities.

We are currently focused on awareness building across the state. And, the resources in this toolkit were created (and will be updated periodically) to provide you with recommendations and tools for communicating about myFutureNC. They can be used to continue building awareness across our primary audiences — North Carolina educators, civic and community leaders, and the business community.

Toolkit Assets