myFutureNC is a statewide commission focusing on educational attainment, bringing together North Carolina’s thought leaders in education, business, philanthropy, faith‐based, and nonprofit communities and ex‐officio representatives from the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor’s office.

Our Goal

The Commission’s primary goal is to create a multi‐year plan and a broad‐based agenda for a stronger, more competitive North Carolina. The work of the Commission is to:

On February 20, 2019, the myFutureNC Commission unveiled its goal and bold vision for the future of education in our state: We will work to ensure that by 2030, 2 million North Carolinians have a high-quality postsecondary degree or credential.

“Two of every three new jobs now require some form of post-secondary education – whether that’s training credentials, an associate degree, a four-year degree, or higher. This reality underscores how critical education is to career growth and how important it is to increasing economic mobility.”

- Andrea Smith, Bank of America CAO and myFutureNC co-chair

How Will We Get There?

To meet the goal, the Commission recommends four Focus Areas to guide the state’s work. The Focus Areas evolved from the discussions that took place during Commission and Committee meetings held between November 2017 and December 2018, from technical papers commissioned and distributed by 2030 myFutureNC, and from feedback and information derived from myFutureNC’s statewide Listening Tour (conducted in the spring and summer of 2018).

There are four broad Focus Areas:

To learn more about the myFutureNC Commission’s recommendations to the state of North Carolina, please read our Call to Action report.